Battery Packs and Wholesale Batteries: Powering Life in the Digital Age

In the “digital age,” batteries are all around us. They are found in everything from our remote controls and battery backups to a whole host of electronic devices in our homes and places of business. As important as batteries are, however, most people don’t really know how these power storage units work. This post provides an overview of batteries, battery packs, and wholesale batteries.  Understanding Batteries Batteries are free-standing sources of a type of electricity called direct current (DC). With DC power, the voltage remains constant. This is different from the alternating current (AC) power that we have in our Read More

From Battery Packs to Wiring Harnesses: Building Quality Into the Product

When people talk about producing “high-quality” products, there is often a perception that this simply involves conducting tests at the end of a manufacturing process to ensure that the products coming off the assembly line have achieved or exceeded any applicable standards for their functionality, appearance, etc. However, at Rapport we’ve found that in order to produce everything from battery packs to wiring harnesses that are of the highest caliber, we must build quality into our products at every step.  Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control in Battery Pack and Wiring Harness Production In discussing the quality of battery packs, wiring Read More

The Importance of Quality Equipment for Electrical Wire Stripping and Battery Pack Production

One of the first machines Rapport bought when we started in the cable/wire harness assemblies business in 1993 was an Artos CS-1 electrical wire cutting and stripping machine that was built in 1935. While we haven’t used it in over a decade, you can still see it at our office. We’ve kept it as a reminder of how far our industry has come and how much our company has evolved. The machine is still functional. It operates with an electric motor. Through a series of cams and adjustments to the various arms, the cut lengths of the wire can be Read More

Alkaline Batteries: What Battery Suppliers Consider Their Advantages

The proliferation of energy-hungry handheld devices has increased the need for lighter cells and batteries that have more energy and are rechargeable. In many cases, this means lithium chemistry. However, there is definitely still a need and many use cases for alkaline batteries, as battery suppliers will attest. Alkaline cells and batteries derive and deliver energy from the reaction between zinc metal and manganese dioxide. These batteries have a positive anode (the zinc end) and a negative cathode (the manganese end). Also called electrodes, these parts of a battery are the site of chemical reactions that occur due to their Read More