Battery Packs and Wholesale Batteries: Powering Life in the Digital Age

In the “digital age,” batteries are all around us. They are found in everything from our remote controls and battery backups to a whole host of electronic devices in our homes and places of business. As important as batteries are, however, most people don’t really know how these power storage units work. This post provides an overview of batteries, battery packs, and wholesale batteries.  Understanding Batteries Batteries are free-standing sources of a type of electricity called direct current (DC). With DC power, the voltage remains constant. This is different from the alternating current (AC) power that we have in our Read More

Our CEO Reflects on Rapport’s 40 Years as an Innovator and Leader

  As Rapport hits a major milestone of 40 years as a leading provider of wiring harnesses and wholesale batteries, employees have been talking about the company’s origin and how it got to where it is today. Someone who has been involved from the very start is company President and CEO Kent Lehman. He recently shared some memories about the early years and observations on how the company has evolved. Bluebirds and the Blue Wirecutter in the Hall Rapport was founded by Kent’s mom, Sherry, in 1979. As the company grew, Kent’s dad, Dale, got involved. The couple worked hard Read More

Bulk Battery Supplier

Do you need to purchase a lot of batteries?  Maybe several THOUSAND batteries shipped on multiple pallets?  Are you struggling to find a supplier who can meet your needs? Contact us!  Last week we shipped over 50,000 batteries to an international customer.  We understand how to ship large quantities of batteries across town or across the world, including all the required customs documentation. Because we are a large volume reseller, we are able to provide you with very competitive pricing. Let us know how we can help you.                           Read More