How Cable and Wire Harnesses are Used in Medical Devices

In today’s world, technology plays a role in virtually every aspect of our lives, and is an integral part of just about every industry’s day-to-day operations. The field of medicine is certainly no exception, with numerous electrical devices working each day to give doctors and nurses the vital data they need to make critical decisions about a patient’s care. While the uses and functionality of these electrical medical devices vary significantly, they all have one thing in common: the use of cable and wiring harnesses in their assembly. To appreciate the many ways electrical devices help people in the medical Read More

How Cable and Wire Harnesses are Used in Manufacturing

Take a look at just about any electrical device and chances are, there’s a wire harness or cable assembly somewhere inside. These units are used to organize, combine and protect the wires and cables that conduct electricity, making the devices operate as they are designed to do. While we use devices that employ the use of wire harnesses and cable assemblies every day, we don’t tend to think about them—in fact, many consumers may not even know what a wire harness or a cable assembly is! But they are an integral part of electronic device design, and a key component Read More

Why Do I Need a Wiring Harness?

What’s so important about a wiring harness? After all, isn’t it entirely possible to route and connect each strand of cable by hand? Here’s what custom wiring harness manufacturers want you to know about what a wiring harness does, the benefits of a wiring harness and the importance of including a wiring harness in your project design. What is a wiring harness? A wiring harness is a customized bundling system that is specially designed to organize wires or cables. The wires in the harness are cut to a specific length, then bundled and clamped to terminal or connector housings as Read More

What is the Difference Between a Cable and a Harness?

If you’ve been reading up on the use of a wire harness in electrical projects, chances are you have some questions about how this differs from electrical cables, whether they can be used in conjunction with one another and whether you even need to worry about a wire harness for your project in the first place. Let’s take a deep dive into the difference between a cable and a wire harness so you can have a greater understanding of what you need for your project. Wires vs. cables While the word “wire” is commonly used interchangeably with the word “cable,” Read More

Where Are Wiring Harness Assemblies Used?

If you’re not entirely familiar with what a wiring harness is, you’re not alone! We’re here to give you the inside scoop on what a wire harness does, where it is used, and how a custom wiring harness assembly might fit the scope of your electrical project better than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Let’s dive in! What is a Wiring Harness? First and foremost, we should probably talk about what a wiring harness is. Virtually anything with a complex electrical system is likely going to incorporate a wire harness or cable assembly. The purpose of a wiring harness assembly is Read More

What is the Difference Between a Wire Harness and a Cable Assembly?

If you’ve spent any time researching electrical components, chances are you’ve come across two phrases: ‘wire harness’ and ‘cable assembly.’ You understand that both of these terms are used to describe an organized bundle of cables and wires used to power a single electrical system, but what is the difference between a wire harness and a cable assembly? Trick question, right? They are two different names used interchangeably for the same thing. In fact, in addition to ‘cable assembly,’ a wire harness can also be called a wiring assembly or a cable harness. However, the idea that a wire harness Read More

Is My Wiring Harness Waterproof?

When dealing with electrical wiring, the last thing you want to worry about is whether the wires are adequately protected against weather, water, and other elements that could impact performance. A wiring harness, also commonly referred to as a wire harness, covers electronic wires with a thin exterior sheath to help ensure that it is adequately protected from the elements. But does having a wiring harness over your electronic wires ensure that it is waterproof? After all, while the purpose of a wiring harness is to keep wires protected, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that there will be no damage to Read More

Can I Recycle My Wiring Harness?

A cable wire harness is essential for complex electrical configurations, tight spaces, or installation where added protection against vibrations and similar hazards is necessary. But like most other electrical components, it does have a finite lifespan. This part will eventually need to be swapped out with a new one, which can leave you wondering if your wiring harness can be recycled. What Goes Into a Wire Harness? When a group of wires are bundled together and joined to two or more connectors, it’s called a wire harness. This kind of arrangement is helpful because the grouping provides added strength and Read More

What is a Wiring Harness Used For?

When it comes to important electrical needs, a wiring harness can provide reliability, especially for high-value installations or those that are subject to harsh conditions, like vibrations. Working with a wire harness manufacturing company ensures that your electrical components are expertly aligned with the desired use in settings. Understand What a Wiring Harness Is A wiring harness is also sometimes called a cable harness. It’s a group of multiple wires that are bundled together and joined to the same connector at both ends. Complex wiring harnesses can have wires that split off from the group like branches of a tree. Read More

How Do You Know If a Wire Harness is Bad?

A wiring harness is an important component of many consumer, commercial, and industrial products. Users count on it to provide a reliable source of power for everything from remote control cars to power tools and even high-stakes installations like security systems. Recognizing when a wire harness is bad can offer you an opportunity to repair or replace it before it begins to affect the performance of the device it’s installed in. A Key Sign That Your Cable Wire Harness is Bad The first indicator that your wiring harness isn’t working properly may be that your toy, tool or other connected Read More