How Do You Know If a Wire Harness is Bad?

A wiring harness is an important component of many consumer, commercial, and industrial products. Users count on it to provide a reliable source of power for everything from remote control cars to power tools and even high-stakes installations like security systems. Recognizing when a wire harness is bad can offer you an opportunity to repair or replace it before it begins to affect the performance of the device it’s installed in.

A Key Sign That Your Cable Wire Harness is Bad

The first indicator that your wiring harness isn’t working properly may be that your toy, tool or other connected electronics aren’t working as expected. While there could be multiple reasons for these problems, it’s worth looking at the wire harness assembly. You may notice a change in reliability or capacity to perform expected tasks.

More Red Flags for Wire Harnesses

Even if your electronics are meeting your needs as expected, there may be signs your wire harness assembly is no longer working like you need it to. A visual inspection can reveal other problems that suggest your unit needs to be repaired or replaced. Look at the connectors and check for corrosion or other signs of damage. Examine the insulating wire wrapping for signs that it has cracked, dried out or warped. These are the kind of changes that can affect the performance of your wiring harness.

Regular Maintenance is Key

If your wire harness has been subjected to any kind of harsh conditions or treatment, it’s worth checking it over for evidence of damage that can result in poor performance. Examples include things like impact, flood, vibrations or power surges. Extreme temperature changes can be a problem, too; this can cause wires to expand and contract unpredictably. Exposure to high humidity can lead to water damage if a temperature drop results in condensation leaving moisture trapped. Vibrations or impact can loosen or dislodge the crimping that keeps wires connected to the harness assembly.

How Wire Harness Manufacturing Makes the Difference

By choosing to have your cable wire harness designed and manufactured by a full-service company, you can be assured that your product will have the structural integrity to perform well under normal conditions. With decades of hands-on experience, our electronics professionals can work with you to help anticipate what kind of conditions your cable wire harness might be exposed to and craft parts that are resistant to damage. Trust Rapport, Inc. for all phases of planning and production. Our relationships with suppliers around the world ensure that we can craft an optimal wire harness assembly for any need so Contact Rapport, Inc. today.