Manufacturing Custom Battery Packs

Batteries power much of our world—from hand towel dispensers to electric bikes. Rapport provides numerous power supplies to battery-operated devices in the form of custom-manufactured battery packs.


A battery pack is comprised of 2 or more cells welded together in a series, parallel, or a combination of both to achieve a desired output voltage and capacity.

In layman’s terms, think about one of your small battery-powered devices that requires 4 Size D batteries. Instead of inserting those 4 batteries individually into the device, the manufacturer could have designed a custom battery pack with the 4 D cells welded together into one cohesive unit, called a “battery pack”.


Different battery chemistries (e.g., lithium ion, nickel metal hydride) each have different strengths and weaknesses (e.g., longevity, stability). For example, lithium ion (li-ion) has a much higher capacity and power than nickel metal hydride (NiMH), but it is also less stable, more expensive and requires more complexity to ensure safe handling and usage, especially during battery charging. However, li-ion is a much better application for high-end devices such as laptop computers, wireless/cell telephones, and electric bikes due to its longevity and power output per cell.


Rapport builds custom battery packs ranging from a couple cells to dozens of cells manufactured to our customer’s specifications. We have dedicated welding technicians focusing solely on battery manufacturing to ensure consistent quality in this process. Following is a picture of one of our battery pack applications.

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