Rapport Breezes Through Quality Audit

In October we passed our ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems re-certification audit with zero non-conformances.

A non-conformance can either be “major” or “minor”.  Following are explanations of non-conformance types upon which we were held accountable and in which we successfully demonstrated that we were fully compliant.

  • A major non-conformance would be a complete breakdown of a process.
  • A minor non-conformance would be a breakdown of a portion of a process.

A Recertification Audit entails an independent evaluator performing the following tasks:

  • Inspecting all internally documented processes.
  • Interviewing all personnel to ascertain comprehension and to determine compliance with the documented standards.
  • Reviewing external communication vehicles including Rapport’s website, weekly blog, and marketing materials.
  • Examining Rapport’s custom manufacturing life cycle. (A typical life cycle includes: providing a sales quote to customer, receiving authorization to proceed, acquiring raw materials, manufacturing a first article for customer inspection and sign-off, understanding customer buyer forecasting, applying quality control procedures, system testing, and shipping.)
  • Critiquing the overall Quality System and providing recommended “Scopes for Improvement” (areas for the company to consider in expanding its quality system).

Receiving NO non-conformances is a direct result of our dedicated staff.

We look forward to applying this dedication to quality to your next custom manufacturing project.

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