Rapport Kanban Management: Your Off-Site Safety Stock

“Line Down!” is a dreaded phrase to any materials logistics or purchasing manager. Even when you follow a structured process for forecasting sales, sometimes the usage just does not match your projections. To ensure manufacturing lines are up and running quickly after an unforeseen spike in production, consider partnering with Rapport, inc. to stock a kanban of cable or battery assembly finished goods or a raw material kanban for you at our location.

Kanbans are easily implemented with any customer, based upon a few criteria and a signed agreement.

  • Customers notify Rapport of projected usage and requested safety stock for each item that is desired to be assigned to a kanban.
  • Customer service will manage raw material lead time to ensure materials are on hand as required to fulfill the kanban requirements agreed to by the customer and Rapport.
  • Rapport staff will manage the restock levels of both raw materials and finished goods.
  • When you order pieces from the kanban, your customer service contact will work with Rapport’s production manager to check quantities on hand and add the kanban item to the manufacturing schedule as appropriate to fulfill replacement stock. This keeps a constant replenishment of stock on our shelf for quick delivery to the customer when needed.

Contact customer service or our outside sales to discuss your kanban needs. We’re happy to help with multi-line as well as single-line kanban requirements.

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