Battery Packs: From Law Enforcement to Sports

Whether you are a sheriff recording the speed of an approaching car or a sports coach measuring the speed of a pitched baseball, you may choose a radar gun or a laser gun to calculate speed.

RADAR – The radar speed gun was invented and the first speeding ticket issued because of the radar gun in 1954. The radar gun uses Doppler radar, similar to what is used in meteorology today.  The speed is calculated based on how fast the radio waves bounce from the object you’re targeting back to the gun and calculates speed based on sound.

LIDaR (Light Detection and Ranging) – Most speed guns today use laser light instead of radar. The speed of light from a laser gun moves a lot faster than radio waves in a radar gun, approximately 1 foot (30cm) per nanosecond making the laser gun more effective and accurate than radar.  Laser also allows a police officer to target a specific vehicle within a stream of traffic.

Speed guns are powered by either a corded 12VDC or a battery pack.  Rapport, inc. re-builds the battery packs for our local Sheriff’s departments at a fraction of the cost of buying  new packs from the manufacturer of the laser gun.  The battery pack is preferred over the cord particularly for police officers that ride motorcycles.

At Rapport, inc., we understand the importance of a quick turn around time, so bring in your laser gun battery pack today and let us rebuild yours within a week.

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