Prices Slashed on Fluorescent Light Bulbs

We recently upgraded the lighting throughout our facility to be more energy efficient. As a result, we no longer need our stock of fluorescent light bulbs. Our upgrade provides you with the opportunity to save a lot of money!

We have a variety of manufacturers and sizes ranging from 2’ to 8’ and ballast types T8 and T12.

Prices slashed to 50¢/each or 12/$5

We are currently overstocked on the following:

Manufacturer Description
General Electric F32-SP35-ECO-T8
General Electric F45CW T12 Cool White
General Electric F48CW T12 Cool White
Philips F30CW Alto T8 Cool White Alto Collection
Philips F30CW T12 Cool White
Philips F72 CW HO T12 Cool White, High Output
Philips F72 CW HO Alto T12 Cool White, High Output Alto Collection
ProLume F17 730 ECO IC T8 (Halco 30101)
Purelight F30CW T12 Cool White
Sylvania 21918 FO17 730 ECO T8 Octron Ecologic
Sylvania 24441 F40CWX T12 Cool White Deluxe
Sylvania 24537 F40 D35 ECO T12 Designer Ecologic
Sylvania 24538 F40WW SS ECO T12 Warm White Super Saver Ecologic
Sylvania 24546 F40 D835 ECO T12 Designer Ecologic
Sylvania 24585 F34 D35 SS T12 Designer Super Saver
WSI W6461 F15T8
WSI W295 F40T12 ITC Industrial True Color

The fluorescent light bulbs have all been tested. Due to the deep discount offered, all sales are final.

Inventory is limited so stop by or call 303.202.9599 today to reserve yours.

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