Can I Get a Custom Charger Built to my Specs?

Buying a charger off the shelf can be a good way to get the power you need when you need it. But sometimes, it’s clear that a ready-made solution won’t work for your needs. Maybe it’s not the right size or it can’t generate the type or intensity of power that you need. A custom charger for lead acid, lithium ion or NiMH rechargeable batteries can be the ideal solution.

Why Turn to an Electronics Manufacturing Service

Whether you need a single battery charger or you want to place a bulk order, finding the right provider is key. Experienced electronics providers are the only ones who can offer you the right combination of expertise and the ability to bring your custom charger from the planning stage through production and installation. With Rapport, Inc. working on your battery pack we can also work with you to get you the charger you need for your project.

The first step is to determine your exact power needs and the best type of battery charger to fulfill them. Depending on where the battery pack is to be placed, it’s important to consider what kind of conditions it will be exposed to, also. This will determine what kind of battery case is needed to shield it from the elements or physical threats.

When you need added adaptability from your rechargeable battery pack, consider a portable custom charger. Don’t trust an off-the-shelf model that can let you down because it’s not the right equipment for the job. A solution designed for your project needs has to be reliable.

Experience Matters

At Rapport, Inc., our ISO-certified electronics manufacturing service is poised to deliver custom solutions to all your power needs, including chargers designed for residential, commercial, light industry, and heavy industry projects. Because we have an expansive warehouse where we can stock a wide array of battery pack and related supplies plus international connections that allow us to source and obtain even the most niche components, our efficiency is second to none. With a highly experienced team and state-of-the-art manufacturing resources, we’re able to provide responsive and full-service electronics support to any project.

Contact Rapport, Inc. today with your specs, and let’s discuss how we can design and manufacture the right custom battery charger for your needs.