Cables: Simple to Complex

Rapport, inc. can manufacture any custom cable to your specification. Our customer’s needs range from simple to highly complex and everything in between.

We manufacture custom cable assemblies using twisted pair, multi-conductor, and coaxial cable. To prevent noise interference and radiation in our assemblies, we use a variety of cable shield types including: unshielded, braid shields, serve/spiral shields, french braid shields, foil shields, and combination shields.

We can terminate cables with any connector you desire including ring terminals, crimped terminals, and molex/amp housings. We have a team of trained crimpers and solder professionals ready to tackle any size project.

As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Rapport, inc. has a thorough quality process that we follow from initial order through shipment. Our staff is trained to read customer engineering drawings, internal work instructions, and follow directions provided in oral on the job training. Quality is manufactured into the product from inception, beginning with kitting the job through final testing and inspection. If a deviation does occur, a structured process is followed to remediate any issues. Customer satisfaction is always our goal and our result.

Following are just a few examples of customer cables we have manufactured.

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