Unarmed or Alarmed?

Security systems ensure our safety and protection. Most rely on batteries either as their only power or their backup power source in cases of electrical failure. Do you have a security system with a battery backup? Most security systems require specialized batteries that are not generally stocked in retail stores. The battery requirements vary, so we carry a wide variety of standard sizes.

Rapport, inc. can source batteries for any security system including:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Alarm panels
  • Monitoring alarms
  • Automotive
  • Electric fences & gates
  • Metal detectors
  • Access control devices

Power-Sonic is an industry leader in batteries for this purpose. Rapport, inc. is a distributor for Power-Sonic batteries and we stock many common models including the following security system batteries:

PS-1212 PS-1230 PS-1270F2
PS-12120 PS-12350 PS-1290
PS-12180F2 PS-1250F1 PS-6100F1
PS-12180NB PS-1250F2 PS-640
PS-1220 PS-1270F1 PS-670

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