AA Battery Pack Summer Sale

Rapport, inc. is currently offering a sale on a standard battery pack that can be used for multiple purposes.

This is a Non Rechargeable Primary Battery Pack that is manufactured using Energizer L91 AA cells (battery cell specs). This battery pack provides 12 volts / 3 amp hours (Ah) of energy, with a discharge of 1 ampere (amp).

Flexibility in manufacturing and distribution allows you to buy any quantity from 10 – 1000, or any other quantity desired. As a full-service manufacturing facility, we can sell you the battery pack ‘as is’, or modify the assembly with a custom connector or any other design requirements you wish to be incorporated.

Please call us if this battery pack will meet your needs and to discuss this offer in more detail.

Cost is $18 per battery pack, with quantity discounts available.

This is only one of the many standard battery packs in our inventory. If you desire a higher discharge rate, or any other specification, please contact us to discuss.

Energizer L91 Specifications (Single Cell)

Classification:“Cylindrical Lithium”
Chemical System:Lithium/Iron Disulfide (Li/FeS2)
Designation:ANSI 15-LF, IEC-FR6; IEC-FR6
Nominal Voltage:1.5 Volts
Storage / Operating Temp:-40 degrees C to 60 degrees C
Typical Weight:14.5 grams
Typical Volume:8.0 cubic centimeters
Max Discharge:3.0 Amps Continuous
Max Rev Current:2 uA
Typical Li Content:0.98 grams
Typical IR:90 to 160 milliohms
Shelf Life:15 years at 21 degrees C (90% of rated capacity)

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