Bulk Pricing on Alkaline Batteries

Calling all hobby enthusiasts, campers, gamers, and anybody else who uses lots of alkaline batteries…

If you’re looking for boxes or cases of batteries you should give us a call.  Rapport uses large volumes of Energizer and Duracell batteries as cells in custom battery packs.  This high volume turnover means we have fresh battery stock.  If you need alkaline batteries in large volumeseither as components of custom battery packs we can manufacture for you or for you to use in your battery-operated deviceswe can meet your needs.

Our pricing is comparable to some discount retailers and box stores.

We stock large volumes of the following batteries so you can purchase by the box or by the case.

Battery SizeBox QtyCase Qty
9 VOLT1272

We’re conveniently located off Ward Road and I-70 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  Call for pricing or stop by.

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