Medical Contract Manufacturing

Being a contract manufacturer is an interesting business. We have the opportunity to work with customers in just about every industry you might consider—from medical devices to hurricane sensors.

Our experience in the medical device industry spans nearly 20 years and numerous customer buyouts and reorganizations.  We work with our medical device customers at multiple life cycle stages.

  • Sometimes we’re involved during inception/concept stage to help our customer’s engineers determine whether the components they’ve envisioned can be sourced and/or manufactured.
  • For other customers, we are brought in at the prototype stage, when the prints and drawings become reality and the customer’s engineering staff builds the design they have created into a working component or product so they can test their idea.
  • We are of course involved in the full production cycle of all customer products.

We are happy to work with a customer’s staff as early in the product life cycle as the customer desires.

The products Rapport manufactures for medical device customers include: medical tubing, cable harness assemblies, and battery packs. We can provide just one product category or all three for a customer. Our ISO certification ensures we have stringent quality controls in place to give our customers peace of mind that the components we supply to them will be manufactured to their specifications.

This is an example of one of the devices for which Rapport, inc. has provided contract manufacturing of medical tubing and cable harness assemblies to support the production of this device.

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