Supplying Batteries for Avalanche Rescue Equipment

Emergency preparedness comes in many forms, but most checklists include battery-powered devices.  Although the devices differ from situation to situation,  sufficient batteries to power those devices is an essential part of any emergency preparedness checklist.

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor enthusiasts to stock up on all the essentials that might be needed—from summer camping needs to skiing in avalanche-prone areas in the backcountry this winter.

One of our Boulder-based battery customers is a leading manufacturer of equipment to help winter sport athletes stay safe or enable rescue when unpredictable conditions such as shifting snow becomes an avalanche.

Rapport provides Backcountry Access with the batteries to power their Tracker beacons, which includes the world’s most widely used transceiver.  BCA also manufactures a variety of other life saving tools when traversing the back country including Float airbags, Stash packs, Alpine Trekker, and Bomber shovels.  We are honored to supply batteries to a company that lives up to the phrase, “the primary goal is saving lives, not simply selling product” through their extensive research and education efforts.

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