Rapport’s Cable Assemblies Provide Laser Precision

Rapport, inc. manufactures a variety of custom cable assemblies and harnesses for use in multiple industries and applications.  For one of our customers, we manufacture a variety of cable assemblies to their design specifications for use in a variety of laser tools that this customer manufactures.

These laser engraving and cutting systems can be used to cut and engrave a variety of materials including wood, plastic, acrylic, stone, leather, bare metals, and fiberglass.  Our customer is an industry leader in the laser engraving, cutting, and marking industry.  They are well-known for manufacturing a machine which has become famous for high resolution engraving.  If you can imagine it, these laser engraving, etching, and cutting machines can do it.  The possibilities are endless.

What specialized manufacturing need do you have that Rapport can help you solve?  If you’re in the Denver-area, stop by our Wheat Ridge office to discuss your needs.  We provide value-added manufacturing to customers down the street from our Colorado facility and across the globe.  We have customers from California to Florida and Mexico to India.  Let us know what we can do for you!

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