Rapport Competitor Asset Purchase

Spring 2012 brings new and exciting changes to our company. On March 21, Rapport purchased the assets of long-time competitor and customer Car-Go Battery Co. (Car-Go). The expansion will increase our current battery customer base as well as expand our battery-related distribution. Since battery packs are already a core competency at Rapport, current Car-Go customers are assured of a seamless transition.

Car-Go enjoyed nearly eighty years of business specializing in the battery market—providing batteries and battery-related items through the years. Their father and subsequently brothers Bob and Jim Pacheco built their business on providing ‘batteries for everything’ with a motto of “Big or small, we do it all.” The owners of Rapport, inc. and former owners of Car-Go share core values of building rapport by providing customers with good customer service and developing honest business relationships.

Prior to acquiring the assets of Car-Go, Rapport, inc. offered a depth and breadth of battery knowledge spanning decades from several key team members. With a few key Car-Go team members joining Rapport inc.’s ranks, our ability to service our customer base will only increase. Our customers will benefit from the vast battery knowledge from both companies, coming together under one roof.

Rapport, inc. will continue Car-Go’s tradition of assembling, selling, servicing, and installing all sizes and types of batteries. We can provide small batteries for electronics, medical equipment, instruments and computers. We also stock very large batteries for AGVs, forklifts, locomotives and stationary power systems. Rapport also has batteries for virtually everything in between, including flashlights, radios, x-ray machines and of course cars and trucks.

Rapport, inc. is an international company and we will continue to sell across town and across the globe, expanding our presence with the opportunity to service Car-Go’s past customers.

With this asset purchase, we have increased our in-stock inventory by several thousand items, ensuring we can provide immediate shipment for most common battery needs. In our assembly department custom-made assemblies are fabricated from all battery types and in any quantity, which are then tested in our Quality Assurance and Testing Laboratory. We have Ultrasonic Welding capabilities and we can match cells to very close tolerances for mission critical applications.

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