What is an Enclosure Box?

A lot is riding on your electrical equipment, whether your installation is residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal. That’s why the added protection of an enclosure box is essential to keep it in good working order. Whether it’s located indoors or outdoors, electrical equipment is subject to a variety of hazards that can interfere with the reliable and safe performance that customers expect.

Typical Enclosure Box Designs

An enclosure box or box build is a box built around an electrical installation that protects it while still allowing access for maintenance and repairs. It will typically have one or two doors that open like a cabinet. Depending on the location where it’s used, a box build can be locked for added security.

Enclosure boxes are generally made of thin sheets of metal like aluminum or steel but you can also find box builds made of polycarbonate and fiberglass, depending on the potential hazards your installation is exposed to.

What Kind of Hazards Does a Box Build Protect From?

For best results, choose the box build that’s best aligned with the threats that could reasonably affect your electrical installation. Common threats, depending on the location, include impact, electromagnetic forces, temperature extremes, and moisture. Outdoor threats include wind, debris, water, and impact. All electrical installations and electronic equipment can be affected by electromagnetic forces. Stainless steel box builds, for example, can minimize the risk of potential biohazards like mold, while polycarbonate enclosure boxes prevent electric and magnetic conduction.

Getting the Best Box Build for Your Needs

By working with a professional design and production team that’s experienced in creating the best box to protect your electrical equipment, you’ll get an enclosure box that meets your specific standards. Our team’s insight and attention to detail ensure that the full scope of your needs is reflected in your enclosure box , from the manufacture of your panels to the addition of batteries, battery chargers, and electronic components. We’re dedicated to upholding industry standards and best practices in everything we make.

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