We Sell Silhouette® Wave’n Dry® Battery Packs

It’s not something usually discussed in pleasant company, but let’s be honest—you’re just as relieved as I am that your company installed a Silhouette® Wave’n Dry® towel dispenser.  If you’re the person in charge of servicing those units, you’ll be glad to make our acquaintance. Rapport, Inc. dba Car-Go Battery Co. manufactures the battery pack for the Bay West (now sold by Wausau Paper) Silhouette® Wave’n Dry® towel dispensers.

  • We offer the battery pack in whatever quantity suits your needs—from 1 individual battery pack to several cases of 10 battery packs in each case.
  • We offer quantity discounts for as few as 11 battery packs. Quantity discounts can save you up to 35%.
  • Rapport, inc. can mail 1-2 battery packs to you via postal mail or  larger quantities via United Parcel Service (UPS).
  • We’re happy to use your UPS account number or bill you for the freight—whatever meets your needs.
  • While the useful life of the battery pack is highly dependent upon usage, shelf life is approximately 6 years, so you can easily stock extra so you are always prepared.

Call us today to place your order.

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