What is the Electronic Enclosure Manufacturing Process?

Look around you—how many things can you find that are powered by electricity? From the light fixture over your head to the smartphone or computer you’re reading this on, electricity is responsible for so much of what we do in our modern world. In just the past couple of hundred years—a mere blink of an eye in human history—we have learned how to harness this powerful force of nature to help us live more efficiently and make discoveries that were once beyond our wildest dreams. But, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. How can electronics manufacturers use Read More

Do I Need a Custom Electronic Enclosure Manufactured?

As you get ever closer to finishing your electrical project, you may be anticipating how well it will work once it’s done. The chances are also pretty good that you are trying to streamline your process as much as possible so that the transition from prototype to product is seamless. One of the key things to think about at this stage is ensuring you have a proper electronic enclosure to house the wires and cables that make up an electronic device assembly. Here’s how to assess whether you need an electronic enclosure custom-made for your device. What Type of Enclosure Read More

What is the Difference Between an Electronic Enclosure and a Box Build?

If you’re confused about what an electronic enclosure is and how it differs from a box build assembly, you’re not alone! Let’s take a look at both terms, what they mean and how they are similar to, and different from one another. Electronic Enclosure An electronic enclosure is a structure that is designed to protect electronic components like switches, relays, printed circuit boards (PCBs), power supplies, integrated circuits, processors and more. Electronic enclosures can be made from sheet metal, die-cast aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and other materials depending on the use case of the assembly. Also, depending on the use and Read More

Does My Electrical Enclosure Need to Be Vented?

Whether you are talking about something as simple as a window on a house or car or something more complex, like an air conditioning system, ventilation plays a role in our everyday lives. Proper ventilation is not only a must for providing extra comfort, but it also can be a critical safety measure. The same holds true for many electronic and electrical device enclosures, which often need to be designed with vents by electronic enclosure manufacturers to mitigate the effects of the significant heat that these devices can generate. If you’re not certain whether you need an electrical enclosure with Read More

Is My Box Build Waterproof?

A waterproof electrical enclosure protects sensitive electrical systems for greater reliability of important aviation, public utilities, security, manufacturing, marine, and other functions. Knowing what to look for when choosing a box build electronic enclosure will help you identify the best model for your needs. Here are the basics. Match the IP Rating to Your Project Needs Your electrical system may be vulnerable to water exposure from rain and seawater or perhaps only condensation. Regardless, all sources of moisture could wreak havoc on your electronics and make them unusable. IP ratings are standardized labels that help you decide whether the protection Read More

Box Build or Electronic Enclosure: Is There a Difference?

When you need to run electronic components to keep certain systems up and running even in challenging conditions, a box build or electronic enclosure can provide the security and reliability you need. And while an off-the-shelf solution can sometimes meet your standards, for the best results, a custom enclosure box made by a qualified electronics wholesaler is the way to go. Here’s why. What’s the Difference Between a Box Build and an Electronic Enclosure? You’ll often hear people describe a box build and an electronic enclosure . Even though they suggest two different components, they’re actually two terms that describe Read More

What are the Components of a Box Build?

The benefits for systems integration that box builds provide can’t be underestimated. From streamlining the production process to reducing costs, box builds offer efficiency and value that’s vital to business operations. Whether you need help in designing the right box build for your project or you’ve already developed your plans and just need assistance in the assembly, your box build will have similar parts and functions. What Goes Into a Box Build? No matter where the final installation is, a box build has several typical components. These include the printed circuit board or PCB, wire harness assemblies, batteries, and the Read More

What are the Types of Electronic Enclosures?

There are multiple types of electronic enclosures , making it easy to find just the right solution for installations that require several of the same type of battery to operate correctly. By utilizing prototypes configured to meet your needs, you can be assured that your portable power needs are met, no matter where your electronics are located. Why Electronic Enclosures are So Important It takes precision electronics to control vital systems for homes, businesses, public utilities, and more. Keeping these systems free from damage caused by likely threats is essential, and electronic enclosures provide a way to do that reliably. Read More

What is an Enclosure Box?

A lot is riding on your electrical equipment, whether your installation is residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal. That’s why the added protection of an enclosure box is essential to keep it in good working order. Whether it’s located indoors or outdoors, electrical equipment is subject to a variety of hazards that can interfere with the reliable and safe performance that customers expect. Typical Enclosure Box Designs An enclosure box or box build is a box built around an electrical installation that protects it while still allowing access for maintenance and repairs. It will typically have one or two doors that Read More