What are the Types of Electronic Enclosures?

There are multiple types of electronic enclosures , making it easy to find just the right solution for installations that require several of the same type of battery to operate correctly. By utilizing prototypes configured to meet your needs, you can be assured that your portable power needs are met, no matter where your electronics are located.

Why Electronic Enclosures are So Important

It takes precision electronics to control vital systems for homes, businesses, public utilities, and more. Keeping these systems free from damage caused by likely threats is essential, and electronic enclosures provide a way to do that reliably. Potential threats include water, dust, impact, temperature extremes, and UV exposure. At the very least, enclosures, regardless of their rating, generally protect against dust and grime, as well as unintentional contact.

Types of Electronic Enclosures

Depending on your needs, there are several types of electronic enclosures. These include polymer enclosures, as well as metal enclosures. Some models are padded to protect the contents inside from damage under potentially harsh conditions. Enclosures are typically sold with a numbered NEMA rating. NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association, and rates enclosures by their protection level or type.

>h2>How to Use NEMA Ratings

The NEMA rating number offers a guideline by which an installer can predict how well the electrical components inside will be shielded from specific conditions. For example, an enclosure rated 1 will protect against dust and ordinary contact in low-intensity environments, like residential homes. NEMA 4 enclosures are designed for outdoor use and keep out water under ordinary weather conditions plus direct application of water such as from a hose.

Work With Experienced Electrical Pros for the Right Enclosures

Choosing the right electronic enclosure is essential to the successful installation and operation of your electrical system. Based on your design, the skilled electronics team at Rapport can help you determine which electrical enclosure is right for your project and source it quickly. From idea to finished product, we have the expertise to create and install the electrical components and panels to get the job done right. Contact Rapport, Inc. today for the electronic enclosure that will offer you reliability and performance under any conditions.