What is a Wiring Harness Used For?

When it comes to important electrical needs, a wiring harness can provide reliability, especially for high-value installations or those that are subject to harsh conditions, like vibrations. Working with a wire harness manufacturing company ensures that your electrical components are expertly aligned with the desired use in settings.

Understand What a Wiring Harness Is

A wiring harness is also sometimes called a cable harness. It’s a group of multiple wires that are bundled together and joined to the same connector at both ends. Complex wiring harnesses can have wires that split off from the group like branches of a tree.

Common Uses for Wiring Harnesses

Wiring harnesses work well in tight spaces where a large number of wires on separate connectors won’t fit. Because of the strength conferred by bundling them, a wire harness is also practical for installation in places where heavy vibrations would otherwise affect the performance of wires installed individually. And because several wires are joined on a single connector, it can make installation and replacement of these components quicker.

Where You’ll Find a Cable Wire Harness

Typical uses for cable harnesses, where electric service reliability is of utmost importance, are in aerospace, manufacturing, and public utilities. Specifically, aircrafts and spacecrafts contain masses of wires which could stretch over several miles if extended fully. However, by binding these wires and cables into a cable wire harness, they can be better secured and not face the adverse effects of vibrations and moisture.

Trust Your Wiring Harness to the Professionals

When you’re in need of cable wire harnesses for high-performance operation, the team at Rapport, Inc. has the experience and insight to craft the ideal solution. Using your design, our manufacturing experts deliver customized products in line with your project specifications while always being mindful of maximizing efficiency and cost controls. Whether your ultimate goal is aerospace parts, medical equipment, automotive components, marine parts or something similar, our wiring harnesses offer security and peace of mind in high-stakes settings. Contact Rapport, Inc. today to learn how our state-of-the-art facility and global network of suppliers can meet your precise needs.