Supporting Mergers and Acquisitions

Seamless transitions through company mergers and acquisitions have no effect on Rapport’s commitment to customer service.  Rapport has experience with acquisitions in our own company as well as numerous customer mergers and acquisitions over the past three decades that we have been in business.

Our flexibility and customer-centric focus was recently tested when one of our long-term customers acquired another long-term customer.  The acquiring company is a manufacturer in several industries including medical devices, and high tech electronics to name a few.  In a short period of time, Rapport was able to assist this now larger customer in placing and receiving orders, as well as making all requested back-end changes necessary to support them.  We were able to continue to fulfill this customer’s needs, meeting each of their deadlines, and making on-time deliveries.  Rapport strives to meet any challenge posed by our customers, regardless of whether it is a manufacturing or organizational change within your company.

Contact Rapport today at 303.202.9599 to discuss any special needs you have that we can work to accommodate.

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