Box Build or Electronic Enclosure: Is There a Difference?

When you need to run electronic components to keep certain systems up and running even in challenging conditions, a box build or electronic enclosure can provide the security and reliability you need. And while an off-the-shelf solution can sometimes meet your standards, for the best results, a custom enclosure box made by a qualified electronics wholesaler is the way to go. Here’s why.

What’s the Difference Between a Box Build and an Electronic Enclosure?

You’ll often hear people describe a box build and an electronic enclosure . Even though they suggest two different components, they’re actually two terms that describe the same electronic component. Built to your specifications, the box build will hold not only the battery power packs you need but also wire harnesses.

Why Protecting Your Electronics is So Important

High-stakes electronics like those used by municipalities, security systems, IT systems, and more can require highly-specialized parts. Using box builds ensures that potential hazards like direct sunlight, rain or moisture, wind or physical harm won’t befall your electronics. A custom solution is the best way to ensure everything fits. Depending on the setting, you may need a build that incorporates fiberglass, metal or plastic construction.

What to Look for in a Box Build Manufacturer

Your electronics wholesaler should be able to work with you on developing the ideal box build for your needs. From size to materials type, there are multiple standards that can apply. Typically, the configuration changes according to how much moisture and other factors that components inside need to withstand, from moisture to physical force. A good electronics wholesaler can source the necessary parts with ease.

Ready to Source Your Enclosure Box from an Electronics Wholesaler?

Rapport, Inc. delivers the electronics enclosures you need for a wide range of settings. We’ll work with you to ensure your specifications are fully met, regardless of the level of protection your electrical components need. As a full-service and ISO-compliant company, we can also offer you sourcing and assembly of the internal components, too, like wire harnesses and battery packs. Our team’s decades of experience in electronics means you can contact us for all of your box build needs.