Are Solar Batteries and Rechargeable Batteries the Same

Solar lights offer ease and reliability that are unsurpassed. The convenience of placing these lights without having to worry about external wiring to an uninterrupted source of power makes them ideal for hard-to-reach and specialized placement. Eventually, though, the batteries will no longer recharge and they’ll need to be replaced.

What Kind of Batteries Do You Need for Solar Lights?

Solar lights are unique in that they generate their own Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery power. The solar batteries soak in the sun’s rays and convert that energy into stored power inside the battery; once the sun goes down, the battery releases the energy to illuminate the light. The batteries can usually cycle through hundreds of charges and discharges before losing the capacity to recharge themselves.

Are Solar Batteries and Rechargeable Batteries the Same?

Yes, you can expect that a solar battery and a rechargeable battery function in the same way. It can be confusing but people generally use these two terms interchangeably. The only variable is the source of the energy that’s collected and stored by the battery. That source can be solar power or electrical power depending on where the batteries are used but the batteries themselves will function similarly in both places.

Getting the Right Solar Batteries

For highly specialized uses, working with a wholesale supplier can deliver the best results. A global network of battery manufacturers means that your supplier can source the ideal size and capacity for your specifications. Whether you need Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries, whether you need them prepared as battery packs or require wire assemblies and box builds to ensure reliable performance, finding the right vendor is crucial.

Working with a Solar Battery Pack Manufacturer

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