Is My Box Build Waterproof?

A waterproof electrical enclosure protects sensitive electrical systems for greater reliability of important aviation, public utilities, security, manufacturing, marine, and other functions. Knowing what to look for when choosing a box build electronic enclosure will help you identify the best model for your needs. Here are the basics.

Match the IP Rating to Your Project Needs

Your electrical system may be vulnerable to water exposure from rain and seawater or perhaps only condensation. Regardless, all sources of moisture could wreak havoc on your electronics and make them unusable. IP ratings are standardized labels that help you decide whether the protection a box build offers is enough for certain conditions, and it is the second number in the series that indicates waterproofing. The higher the number, the greater the protection.

Put It To The Test

Even if you find an IP rating that is a good match for the location of your box build electronic enclosure , it’s wise to carry out real-world tests to verify your choice. Not only will you be able to evaluate whether the box build can withstand the expected type and intensity of water exposure, but you’ll also be able to see how the inside electrical components hold up.

Monitor Regularly

Despite all of your due diligence, sometimes there are unusual circumstances that could affect the expected performance of your electronic enclosure . Perhaps there’s a significant tide, historic amount of rainfall, or dramatic temperature drop. Only by keeping close tabs on your installation will you be able to quickly recognize if things go wrong and take the best action.

Turn to the Box Build Enclosure Experts

Instead of leaving it to chance, working with the electrical manufacturing professionals at Rapport, Inc. is the best way to make sure your electronic enclosure fully meets your needs, from planning through testing and production. Our team has a breadth of experience in battery chemistries and extensive skills in assembling and installing cable harnesses, switches, and other key components you may need. Whether you’re working with a prototype or are ready to move forward on manufacturing, we have a global network of suppliers already in place to keep your project on time and within your budget. Contact Rapport, Inc. today for expert assistance on waterproof box builds.