What is the Difference Between an Electronic Enclosure and a Box Build?

If you’re confused about what an electronic enclosure is and how it differs from a box build assembly, you’re not alone! Let’s take a look at both terms, what they mean and how they are similar to, and different from one another.

Electronic Enclosure

An electronic enclosure is a structure that is designed to protect electronic components like switches, relays, printed circuit boards (PCBs), power supplies, integrated circuits, processors and more. Electronic enclosures can be made from sheet metal, die-cast aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and other materials depending on the use case of the assembly. Also, depending on the use and purpose of the intended device, electronic enclosures can come in a variety of sizes.

While electronic enclosure manufacturers mass-produce enclosure boxes that can be purchased online, some electronic designs may require a custom electronic enclosure for their unique needs.

Box Build Assembly

Also known as systems integration, a box build assembly involves everything including design, production and construction. A box build will often employ the use of an electronic enclosure as part of its assembly, but the two are not interchangeable terms. Box build assembly includes designing and manufacturing the electronic enclosure, along with installing a PCB, cables, a wiring harness or cable assembly, and even pneumatic or electrical systems. In short, a box build will give you professional design and assembly of everything you need to get your electrical design off the ground.

Why choose a box build?

While choosing an electronic enclosure, either ready-made or custom, is sufficient for small or simple designs, more complex electronic devices may require more specialized components. A custom box build assembly can ensure that everything is tailored to your specific requirements and compatible with all your existing systems. Instead of taking a chance with a pre-made electronic enclosure that may or may not include everything you need, a custom box build assembly is designed with your specific system in mind to make it run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

When choosing the right custom box build manufacturer, look for a company like Rapport, Inc. with a sterling reputation and years of experience delivering high-quality results to electronics manufacturers. You’ll be glad you did!