How Cable and Wire Harnesses are Used in Manufacturing

Take a look at just about any electrical device and chances are, there’s a wire harness or cable assembly somewhere inside. These units are used to organize, combine and protect the wires and cables that conduct electricity, making the devices operate as they are designed to do. While we use devices that employ the use of wire harnesses and cable assemblies every day, we don’t tend to think about them—in fact, many consumers may not even know what a wire harness or a cable assembly is! But they are an integral part of electronic device design, and a key component of ensuring an electronic device’s safety, operability and efficiency. Let’s take a look at wire harnesses and cable assemblies, how they work, and what they are used for in manufacturing.

What is a Wire Harness?

Simply put, a wire harness is a bundle of wires and cables, along with the materials that are used to sheathe and support them. This bundle keeps the wires and cables organized and in the optimal position for ultimate efficiency by using tapes, ties and sleeves. The use of wire harnesses in electronic devices simplifies their connection to the larger components in the design.

What are Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies Used for in Manufacturing?

Rather than having to connect complex electrical systems one wire at a time, a wire harness or cable assembly combines many individual wiring elements at once, making it easier to assemble these systems while also protecting wires and cables from environmental factors, unwanted flexion and more. This can be especially important in the manufacturing industry, where stray wires can pose a substantial safety hazard. A wire harness can help keep manufacturing facilities safe by ensuring the wires are contained and the connections are reliable.

Wholesale manufacturing is just one of many industries that uses wire harnesses and cable assemblies in electrical designs to simplify and protect wires and cables. Wholesale cable and wiring harness can be purchased in bulk for manufacturers. If you are in the market for wholesale cable assemblies or a wholesale wiring harness, make sure you choose a company with the right experience and reputation for the job!