Building Custom Box Assemblies

So you’ve engineered an amazing design to manufacture wire and/or battery components onto a panel and enclose your product into a box that will protect it.

The problem is you have internal staff to design and fulfill your custom box assembly, but you don’t have the internal knowledge or expertise to build these custom boxes.  The solution is Rapport, inc.

Rapport, inc. has been providing turn-key custom manufacturing of box builds to our customers for over fifteen years. We are happy to help you at any step of your production process–from product inception to full production runs. We can recommend manufacturers and components for consideration in the design stage as well as source components from a prototype.

We offer the following enclosure manufacturing services:

  • Custom metal panel processing through a third-party machine-shop
  • Incorporating components to your specifications including various battery chemistries such as Li-Ion (lithium-ion), Lead Acid and NiMH (nickel–metal hydride); battery chargers; and any other electrical components you desire.
  • Mounting and wiring all components onto a panel with labels and wire routing per customer specifications
  • Loading panels into enclosures. We work with two primary enclosure manufacturers, Stahlin and Hoffman. Stahlin provides fiberglass NEMA-4 enclosures as well as polymer enclosures. Hoffman provides polymer enclosures and has a wide selection in stock. We also have access to Pelican enclosures for specialized padded cases and can also buy Saginaw Control and Engineering metal enclosures.
  • Working with manufacturers to customize boxes with hinges, custom hole drilling, silkscreens, and seals.

We can be your full turn-key manufacturing shop for box builds.

Contact Dale or Kent today to discuss your needs.

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