What are the Disadvantages of Rechargeable Batteries?

While rechargeable NiMH and lithium-ion batteries are popular because of their convenience and reliability for high-demand uses, it’s best to fully understand this specialized power source to get the results you need. With realistic expectations, you’ll be better able to decide when rechargeable batteries are the right choice for your project.

Greater Up-Front Costs

In nearly every case, you’ll find that a battery with the capacity to be recharged is more expensive than its disposable counterpart. However, when you consider the cost of long-term usage over the life of the device or electrical system, the rechargeable’s overall cost is lower. With a non-rechargeable battery, you’ll worry more about battery disposal and keeping a well-stocked supply on hand, which will impact you, not only in material costs but storage space, too.

Limited Capacity to Hold a Charge in Storage

When not in use, a rechargeable battery tends to lose power more quickly than disposable batteries, although that disadvantage practically disappears when the battery is in use. It’s important to consider this characteristic in the context of other factors when deciding on batteries. Battery disposal is a hassle, and choosing rechargeable batteries while also establishing a plan for regular inspection may save you money over time.

No Alerts When Depleted

Rechargeable batteries deliver consistent performance over time, unlike disposables. Think about the difference between the batteries in your mobile phone and your flashlight (using a disposable battery): your phone will be fully functional until the battery dies, while your flashlight beam will become dimmer as the battery drains. Without including a reliable way to measure the remaining power, using rechargeable batteries that drain without noticing could leave your device without power.

Work with Rechargeable Battery Experts for Confidence

For some projects, rechargeable batteries are the ideal solution. When you collaborate with expert battery manufacturers at Rapport, Inc. who also offer customers a full menu of customization services, you can overcome any concerns about using these batteries. Our advanced manufacturing facility and experienced team deliver responsive service, reliable results, and custom work on time and within the established budget. Contact Rapport, Inc. today to learn more about our extensive rechargeable battery options, including leading manufacturers’ products and bulk availability.