What Causes a Wiring Harness to go Bad?

You count on your wiring harness to provide the consistent power your devices and electrical systems need. But whether you have a simple layout or complex design, there still exists a possibility that your cable harness will fail. Discover the primary reasons an electrical harness stops performing as expected to ensure your devices aren’t affected.

Wiring Harness Design Flaws

Sometimes, the person designing your electrical harness, despite their skill, doesn’t have the same vision of the project that you do. In those cases, you may find that certain design choices can’t meet the needs of your project and leave you susceptible to power interruptions. This is especially important when your cable harness may be subject to hazards like water, dust, pests, vibrations or direct sunlight.

Poor Construction

Even if you have a well-designed wiring harness, you need the right components to manufacture it. When there’s a disconnect between the size, capacity or limits of the parts and materials used to craft your wiring harness and the needs of your electrical system, there’s likely to be a breakdown. An electronic parts supplier with a wide network is essential to getting the pieces you need or the raw materials necessary for custom work.

Poor Workmanship

A quality wiring harness needs not only reliable parts but those components also need to be assembled with skill and precision. Crimping and soldering are only as effective as the quality of the tools used to perform the work and the abilities of the technician carrying out these tasks. Loose crimps and weak soldering may allow wires to become disconnected or permit more power than the harness can handle and lead to overheating and a fire hazard.

Your Expert Team for Wiring Harness Work

From design through prototype and manufacturing, Rapport, Inc. is the ideal partner to meet the electrical needs of your project, no matter the industry. We have a trusted and reliable network of global suppliers so there’s no part or raw material out of reach for us, ensuring you get perfectly tailored components–even custom work. Contact Rapport, Inc. today to learn more about our cable harness work and the steps we take to ensure you get safe, reliable, and on-time results.