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In today’s marketplace, it is common for electronic device manufacturers to include batteries with your purchase. As a manufacturer, when sourcing batteries to include with your product, it’s important to consider the impression the included batteries might have on the customer’s overall purchase satisfaction. When the customer opens your product packaging and unwraps the included batteries, will they care what battery brand you have included with their purchase? Don’t underestimate the value of a first impression regarding an included component such as batteries.

Energizer Brand Loyalty vs. Less Expensive Batteries

For some of our customers, it is important to include a well-known battery brand such as Energizer. For other customers, they can save on their COGS (cost of goods sold) by including a battery brand that is not well-known in the United States.

Rapport Battery Purchasing Power

Did you know that Rapport, Inc. can provide you with batteries in any quantity you require in consumer packaging ready to be inserted with your product for retail sales? We can source ready-made packs to your specification through our manufacturer relationships or provide cellophane shrinking services of any battery line we distribute in any quantity you desire.

Energizer Shrink-Wrapped Batteries

Several of our customers use shrink-wrapped Energizer AA four-packs in quantities from the hundreds to the thousands to include with their products. Their customers can feel confident in the quality of the high-end product they have purchased—from the components manufactured in the United States, to the name brand batteries ready for installation to power their high-end product. If you want to ensure a positive first impression through brand loyalty every time your customers open the box containing your electronic device, contact us about how we can supply high quality, name brand batteries, in any quantity you specify, neatly packaged in consumer-friendly cellophane.

Batteries for Consumable Electronic Devices

We also have customers who purchase less expensive bulk AA or AAA batteries to include with their consumable electronic devices. For these customers, their product is not sold as a “high-end” product, but rather a quality, value-priced product that is generally replaced versus refurbished when the useful life of the product has been expended. For these customers, it makes sense to purchase a brand of batteries that is not well-known in the United States, and thus less expensive. If this approach fits your needs, contact us about how we can supply you with the batteries you need, in the quantities you desire, in a retail-ready shrink-wrapped packaging or in bulk.

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