Battery Pack Refurbish vs. Replace

Cordless, battery-operated drills (and other small hand tools) are one of my favorite inventions. Drilling without being tethered to an outlet allows me to drill in lots of out of the way places. However, when the tool’s battery no longer holds a charge, it can be really expensive to replace. Then there’s the dilemma of trying to find a new battery pack, buying a brand new tool, or refurbishing the current battery pack.

With Rapport’s asset acquisition of Car-Go Battery a few months back, we now have manufacturing staff knowledgeable and skilled at refurbishing your old rechargeable battery packs. Bring your battery pack in for us to assess. We stock replacement battery cells for many common portable power tool manufacturers including Craftsman, DeWalt, Huskie, Makita, RIGID, RYOBI, and Snap-On. We can generally order replacement parts for other manufacturers as well. With in-stock parts, we can refurbish the battery pack for your hand tool within a few days.

Have one battery pack you’d like to refurbish?

  • Bring your battery pack in to Rapport, inc.
  • While you have a cup of coffee, we will take your battery pack to the production floor, break the seal, and assess what parts are required to refurbish your battery pack.
  • In a few minutes we can provide you with an estimated completion time and cost. Turn around is generally 2-3 days. Sometimes longer, sometimes faster, based upon our current manufacturing schedule. If we have to order parts for your battery pack, the duration will obviously be increased.
  • If you desire to proceed with the refurbishment, we will document your name and contact information so we can call you when the battery pack has been refurbished.

Have several battery packs you’d like to refurbish?

  • The process is basically the same as above, except quantity refurbishments require a 2-week lead time to get into the manufacturing production schedule and volume quantity discounts may apply.

Colorado battery distributor, Rapport, inc. is able to refurbish battery-operated drill packs (and other small hand tools) at a fraction of the cost of replacement. An added benefit to our customers is that you don’t have to find a place to recycle the old battery packs. Rapport, inc. will recycle the old battery cells and reuse the shell.

Our repeat business speaks for itself. Refurbishment is both cost effective and convenient.

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