Statistically Speaking…5 Burglaries Every Minute

Did you know that a home intrusion is committed every 13 seconds and only 17% of the homes in the US have a home security system? If you’re part of the 83% who don’t have a security system, you may want to consider whether it would make your home a less attractive target and if a security system is a good investment for you and your family. Here’s a list of nationwide providers independently ranked as the best home alarm systems. If you’re in Colorado, there are also a number of great local companies who provide security monitoring including Rocky Mountain Alarm and Safe Systems, among others.

Once your system is installed and ready to go, make sure your battery back-up is ready as well. We stock most common security system batteries and are happy to order any size we don’t have in stock.

Note: Rapport, inc. does not receive compensation for any security company referrals nor have we been paid for any endorsements of companies listed in this blog.

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