Can I Recycle My Wiring Harness?

A cable wire harness is essential for complex electrical configurations, tight spaces, or installation where added protection against vibrations and similar hazards is necessary. But like most other electrical components, it does have a finite lifespan. This part will eventually need to be swapped out with a new one, which can leave you wondering if your wiring harness can be recycled.

What Goes Into a Wire Harness?

When a group of wires are bundled together and joined to two or more connectors, it’s called a wire harness. This kind of arrangement is helpful because the grouping provides added strength and stability in tough installations where reliability is essential. Wire harnesses are typically made with a combination of metals and plastics.

What You Need to Know About Recycling a Wire Harness

The short answer is that yes, a cable wire harness can be recycled. But it’s actually a little more complicated than that. A wire harness that includes valuable raw materials like copper wires may be in high demand with recycling companies. However, if the assembly of the cable wire harness is complex, the time it takes for the recycler to disassemble it may affect how much money you’d get for it. The more time a recycling company has to spend on taking apart intricate connectors and tie wraps, the more it costs them, making your wire harness less attractive to them.

Maximize Your Recycling Potential

If recycling your cable wire harness is important to you, work with a wire harness manufacturing company that can accommodate your preferences and vision for your work. At Rapport, Inc., our decades of experience in working with customers in manufacturing their electrical needs from their designs allows us to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our strong relationships with global suppliers ensures robust capabilities and our commitment to service ensures our customers’ satisfaction. When you’re ready to add a cable wire harness to your installation, talk to the pros at Rapport, Inc. We can work with you to achieve your recycling goals for your wire harness while still developing the electrical components powerful enough to meet the most challenging conditions. Contact Rapport, Inc. today to learn more.