Why Do I Need a Wiring Harness?

What’s so important about a wiring harness? After all, isn’t it entirely possible to route and connect each strand of cable by hand? Here’s what custom wiring harness manufacturers want you to know about what a wiring harness does, the benefits of a wiring harness and the importance of including a wiring harness in your project design.

What is a wiring harness?

A wiring harness is a customized bundling system that is specially designed to organize wires or cables. The wires in the harness are cut to a specific length, then bundled and clamped to terminal or connector housings as a single piece instead of one by one. This space-saving configuration cuts down on labor time as well as reduces the potential for human error by making it easier for technicians to install complex wiring assemblies into small spaces with limited accessibility.

How can a wiring harness benefit my project?

Using a well-manufactured custom wiring harness not only can facilitate greater ease of installation, but it can also mitigate a number of common issues with connectors, contacts, crimping and more. However, be warned that not all custom wiring harness manufacturers are created equal. To maximize your success, select a wire harness manufacturer with a great deal of expertise and experience, with a vast working knowledge of the role every component plays in the performance of a product.

Why should I use a wiring harness in my product design?

In addition to the ease and convenience that a wiring harness can bring to the installation phase, using a wiring harness can help you maintain quality control over every product that rolls off the assembly line. A custom-created wiring harness eliminates or greatly reduces the potential for faulty products, which can of course have a direct impact on your bottom line. Working with a custom wiring harness manufacturer to design the ideal wiring harness for your project can help you consistently turn out quality products.

Working with a highly experienced wiring harness manufacturer such as Rapport, Inc. can bring peace of mind to the quality of your finished product. Be sure to include the expertise and knowledge of a custom wiring harness manufacturer in the planning phase so you can be assured of the results you want.