Practical Battery Pack Implementation

In today’s world, battery and battery pack applications are used not only for convenience but are also implemented where wired electrical power applications would be impractical or even dangerous.

A good example of an impractical wired solution is powering water and wastewater system diagnostic products. One of our customers sells diagnostic products and services to help municipalities monitor wastewater pipe flow. Analysis of the information provided by these diagnostic tools is instrumental in identifying issues and pinpointing whether it is a pump station, treatment plant, or individual pipe issue.

Obviously, for this application, it would be impractical to plug these units into an electrical outlet. Additionally, with the potential of methane gas being present, it could also be dangerous to use a wired approach. Rapport manufactures a battery pack for this customer that is enclosed in heat shrink to increase its durability. The electrical components are also potted to ensure safety. All of the components are then inserted into a durable, water-proof monitoring canister for deployment.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create a battery pack for your commercial uses that make wired power impractical or dangerous.

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