When Distance Is Crucial

Rapport, inc. manufactures custom cable assemblies and battery packs for one of our customers that manufactures a series of laser measurement products. One of the measurement products is a laser rangefinder. The rangefinder is a device used to determine distance to an object.

Some areas of use of a laser rangefinder would be golfing, archery and hunting to ensure bagging the 8 point buck in your sight. It could be used in construction, renovation and real estate as an alternative to a tape measure. Rangefinders can also be used in the military to provide an exact distance of point-blank shooting to snipers and artillery. The cable assembly used in the laser rangefinder is only one example of the type of cable assemblies Rapport, inc. manufactures. We can manufacture any custom cable assembly to your specifications—from simple to highly complex.

Do you require a cable assembly or battery pack? Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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