Automation and Craftsmanship: Why Crimping Cable and Other Manual Skills Matter

We live in an age of rapidly increasing automation. Tasks that we once thought would always be done by hand are now being completed by specialized tools, systems, and robots in a fraction of the time and with incredible accuracy. For that reason, it may seem that craftsmanship is something that is no longer needed, especially in a manufacturing or production environment where a task like crimping cable for use in a cable assembly can be partially or fully automated. Fortunately for individuals who take pride in the physical skills they have developed on the job, there is still a Read More

Why it Makes Sense to Work with an American Manufacturer of Wiring Harnesses

In order to minimize expenses and maximize profits, many companies resort to “offshoring.” Offshoring is when a business, like a wiring harness manufacturer, moves some or all of its operations overseas, to locations where labor and other expenses are much lower than they are in the U.S. This is to the company’s advantage, but of course it hurts American workers by decreasing their job opportunities. In some cases, these companies will later do what is called “reshoring,” or in other words, they bring their operations back to our country. However, according to studies cited by Forbes, U.S. manufacturers are not Read More

The Importance of “First Articles” in the Manufacture of a Custom Wiring Harness or Cable Assembly

In manufacturing, a “first article” is an initial piece produced so that a customer can confirm that the assembly has been built precisely to their written specifications. In the development of a custom wiring harness or cable assembly, for example, coming to an agreement on whether the finished product adheres to the specifications provided before a production run is initiated is critically important. Doing so ensures that the customer’s investment in the parts will be money well-spent and helps prevent the need for significant rework. Bringing Extensive Expertise to Bear on Custom Wiring Harness First Articles In order to ensure Read More

QA at Rapport, Inc.: High Standards in Cable Assembly Production

When you work with a provider to produce electronic enclosure assemblies, value added services, battery packs or a certain type of cable assembly, there are a number of criteria you want them to meet. For example, the wiring harness should be designed and developed to effectively address your functional requirements (e.g. impedance or dielectric strength). In addition, the project — from design to prototype production to producing the cable assembly in quantity —  should be cost-effective and stay on budget. What’s more, the completed product should be delivered according to your timeline. However, achieving all of these objectives is not Read More

Cable Harness Heat Shrink Tubing: Important Attributes

A cable harness, also known as a cable assembly, wiring harness, wire bundle, or wiring assembly, is a collection of cables or wires that are secured into a single unit and have a connector at one or both ends. They are used to transmit power or informational signals in electronic devices. A cable harness serves many purposes. First, it makes it easier to install a group of wires. Technicians only have to make one connection rather than doing so for each individual wire. Second, a cable assembly is easier to locate and replace than multiple independent wires or cables. Also, Read More

What to Look for in Wire Harness Manufacturers

A wiring harness is a critical component in many types of electronic devices. Also known as a wire harness, cable assembly and wiring assembly, these units are groups of electrical wires or cables that transmit electrical power or digital signals within a device. The wires may be bound together in any number of ways including straps, cable ties, sleeves and wraps. The group of wires typically has a connector at both ends that is specific to its function. The work of getting wires, binding, and connectors all together is done by wire harness manufacturers. Some of the many advantages of Read More

Wire Harness Assembly: How a Wiring Harness is Made

Any product that is electrically powered can likely make use of a wiring harness. Also called a cable harness, cable assembly or wiring assembly, a wiring harness is a group of wires that typically starts and terminates with a type of connector specific to its function. Read More

5 Types of Cable Assemblies You May Need

Shopping around for cable assemblies can be challenging. You’re typically looking for something completely custom to handle a unique problem just for your business. To make sure you are getting exactly the assembly you need, we’ve compiled 5 of the most common cable assembly types and the type of applications you may need them for. Read More