Automation and Craftsmanship: Why Crimping Cable and Other Manual Skills Matter

We live in an age of rapidly increasing automation. Tasks that we once thought would always be done by hand are now being completed by specialized tools, systems, and robots in a fraction of the time and with incredible accuracy. For that reason, it may seem that craftsmanship is something that is no longer needed, especially in a manufacturing or production environment where a task like crimping cable for use in a cable assembly can be partially or fully automated. Fortunately for individuals who take pride in the physical skills they have developed on the job, there is still a Read More

5 Types of Cable Assemblies You May Need

Shopping around for cable assemblies can be challenging. You’re typically looking for something completely custom to handle a unique problem just for your business. To make sure you are getting exactly the assembly you need, we’ve compiled 5 of the most common cable assembly types and the type of applications you may need them for. Read More