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What are the Disadvantages of Rechargeable Batteries?

While rechargeable NiMH and lithium-ion batteries are popular because of their convenience and reliability for high-demand uses, it’s best to fully understand this specialized power source to get the results you need. With realistic expectations, you’ll be better able to decide when rechargeable batteries are the right choice for your project. Greater Up-Front Costs In nearly every case, you’ll find that a battery with the capacity to be recharged is more expensive than its disposable counterpart. However, when you consider the cost of long-term usage over the life of the device or electrical system, the rechargeable’s overall cost is lower. Read More

What Causes a Wiring Harness to go Bad?

You count on your wiring harness to provide the consistent power your devices and electrical systems need. But whether you have a simple layout or complex design, there still exists a possibility that your cable harness will fail. Discover the primary reasons an electrical harness stops performing as expected to ensure your devices aren’t affected. Wiring Harness Design Flaws Sometimes, the person designing your electrical harness, despite their skill, doesn’t have the same vision of the project that you do. In those cases, you may find that certain design choices can’t meet the needs of your project and leave you Read More

What is the Longest-Lasting Rechargeable AA battery?

Choosing the rechargeable battery that lasts the longest makes good sense for many reasons. Not only does it mean you need to buy fewer batteries, saving you money, but you may also get more reliable performance from your device. Depending on your needs, you can expect to have your pick of AA batteries, as every battery manufacturer offers a slightly different product; however, that same abundance may make it hard to choose. Here’s what you need to know. Recharging Capacity Even the most robust rechargeable battery has a finite lifespan. There are only a limited number of discharge and recharge Read More

Which Rechargeable Batteries are Best?

Rechargeable batteries make a huge difference for multiple applications across industries. From handheld devices to electronic toys, computers, security systems, and even public utilities, businesses and customers count on the ability of these batteries to cycle through charging and discharging hundreds of times. Rechargeables are not only convenient but budget-friendly, too. It’s only natural that you’d want to know which rechargeable batteries are the best. Fortunately, there are plenty of battery manufacturers, so finding the right one isn’t hard. Rechargeable Battery Chemistry Depending on your needs, you’ll require specific battery chemistry for your project. With a network of international suppliers, Read More

Are Solar Batteries and Rechargeable Batteries the Same

Solar lights offer ease and reliability that are unsurpassed. The convenience of placing these lights without having to worry about external wiring to an uninterrupted source of power makes them ideal for hard-to-reach and specialized placement. Eventually, though, the batteries will no longer recharge and they’ll need to be replaced. What Kind of Batteries Do You Need for Solar Lights? Solar lights are unique in that they generate their own Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery power. The solar batteries soak in the sun’s rays and convert that energy into stored power inside the battery; once the sun goes down, the battery Read More

Box Build or Electronic Enclosure: Is There a Difference?

When you need to run electronic components to keep certain systems up and running even in challenging conditions, a box build or electronic enclosure can provide the security and reliability you need. And while an off-the-shelf solution can sometimes meet your standards, for the best results, a custom enclosure box made by a qualified electronics wholesaler is the way to go. Here’s why. What’s the Difference Between a Box Build and an Electronic Enclosure? You’ll often hear people describe a box build and an electronic enclosure . Even though they suggest two different components, they’re actually two terms that describe Read More

How Do You Dispose of Rechargeable AA Batteries?

The use of AA batteries is so common in commercial, industrial, and household settings, that many users have turned to the rechargeable battery to lower costs and improve efficiency. When you can keep spare batteries in a charger for use as needed, it saves the hassle of buying new ones, especially for high-demand electronics. But even rechargeables have a finite life cycle, and then you may be wondering about how to dispose of them. What’s a battery? While each battery is slightly different, you can safely assume that each one includes plastic and metal components, as well as the substances Read More

How Long Do Wiring Harnesses Last?

Wiring harnesses are a true workhorse of many battery packs and electronics components. Because of their versatility, they’re often used across industries for a wide range of purposes. But you might be wondering just how long your cable and wwiring harness will last. Read on to learn more so you can plan appropriately. What’s a Wiring Harness? Quite simply, a wiring harness is a grouping of wires that share connectors at one or more ends. These can be individual wires that are bound together or arranged more rigidly with flat ribbon cable assemblies. Connectors vary widely according to your project Read More

Who Makes the Best Portable Power Bank?

Power banks keep important electronics working at peak performance under ordinary and adverse conditions. Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, IT, aviation, maritime or other use, finding the right one is the best way to ensure reliability. Turning to a battery wholesaler for your battery pack is an ideal source to get exactly what you need. Types of Battery Packs There are probably as many battery pack configurations as there are ways for them to be used. From bundled cable harnesses to flat ribbon assemblies using alkaline, lead acid, lithium or nickel batteries, you have a range of options for nearly Read More

Can I Replace NiCd Batteries With NiMH in Solar Lights?

Solar lights offer convenience and reliability, making them hugely popular. And while they’re mostly maintenance-free, there will probably come a point when you’ll need to replace the batteries. You might be wondering whether you can swap out your Ni-Cd batteries with Ni-MH batteries since they’re both a type of rechargeable battery; the answer is, that depends. The Rechargeable Battery: What You Need to Know Solar lights are equipped with specialized batteries that use the sun’s rays to build a reserve of energy that’s slowly released in dark conditions. Typically, a rechargeable battery, whether it’s Ni-CD or Ni-MH, can repeat the Read More