Contract Manufacturing for Video Transmission System

As a value-added distributor and contract manufacturer, Rapport is able to help our customers create some fascinating products. The products Rapport manufactures for our customers are very diverse. Industries include law enforcement, medical devices, car wash systems, gate openers, mining, aerospace, schools, and wastewater management to name just a few.

Like so many of our customers, one of our newer customers worked with our manufacturing team to bring his vision to reality. Rapport manufactures the battery pack and provides the wire assembly and components required for this video transmission system designed for usage in the wastewater management industry. This video transmission system allows technicians to see inside the wastewater pipeline providing a 1200 foot (direct line of sight) between the receiver box and the camera. Other components are provided by the customer, enabling Rapport to provide one-stop contract manufacturing for this customer. The entire unit is assembled at Rapport from raw materials to completed product, ready for our customer to sell the invention to end users.

Do you have an interesting contract manufacturing requirement you’d like us to tackle? Contact us today to start discussing possibilities.

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