Wealth of Knowledge, Exceptional Customer Care

Whether you’re a new customer or a repeat customer, our goal is to make doing business with Rapport, inc. an easy and pleasant experience for you. Often, I hear people remark about the lack of customer service they experience and how the meaning of customer service is virtually non-existent. I’ve endured poor customer service personally. Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience as well.

Rapport takes immense pride in accommodating our customers large and small. Whether you are buying a single battery or having a complicated cable assembly, wire harness, box build, or battery pack manufactured, we strive to satisfy each customer with every sale.

What does Rapport have to offer you as our customer?

Depth of Knowledge – Our customer service/sales team has over 100 years combined experience in manufacturing, sales, and customer service. With that longevity, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their field and in this industry.

Additional Industry Perspective – Occasionally, we are involved with customer engineering staff before production to provide our manufacturing insight. When asked, we’ve helped some of our customers as early as the engineering concept stage by providing input on potential product sourcing, cable harness suggestions, or battery pack configurations. Other customers have asked for our help at the prototype stage. This means that after a customer provides Rapport with their prints and drawings, we will build the design the customer has created into a working component or product so they can test their idea. We are happy to work with you as early in the product life cycle as you desire.

Volume Discounts – An additional benefit of having Rapport’s customer service team work for you is sourcing. Our team has local, national, and international supplier networks that can be drawn upon to source any assembly part (e.g., wire, cable, connectors) or battery need you might have. Rapport can pass on to our customers volume discounts and we allow our customers the ability to purchase finished goods in small quantities using raw materials that can only be bought in large quantities such as cable and wire. We receive volume discounts from large manufacturing companies such as Belden, Igus, Pantron and Energizer to mention a few. These savings are passed on to you, allowing Rapport to offer you the most competitive pricing.

Rapport strives to create great results and support for our customers. If you have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition, if you haven’t been able to find that one item you’ve been searching for, or you simply need to place an order, call any member of our team at 303.202.9599.

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