Fall Back and Change Those Batteries!

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In Colorado, we will change our clocks from Mountain Daylight Time to Mountain Standard Time this coming Sunday.

Aside from the difference of an hour, do you know the rationale between moving to daylight saving time each spring and back to standard time each fall?

Although ancient civilizations accommodated the changing light patterns in their own ways, the modern idea of clock changing was first proposed in Germany in 1895 and was first implemented in 1916. Countries around the world began implementing daylight saving time in their own countries throughout the last century, with the biggest implementation occurring during the energy crisis of the 1970s.

Although the original rationale for changing the clocks was to reduce evening use of electricity (primarily from home lighting), the effectiveness of saving electricity in our modern world through this time changing method is debatable.

Regardless of whether or not you’re saving electricity this autumn, one thing is certain, this is a good reminder to change batteries around your home. Do you need some 9-volt batteries for your smoke alarms, specialty batteries for your security system, flashlight batteries, or have other battery needs?

Call us or stop by today to stock up on all your battery needs!

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