Custom Wire and Cable Services

As you have read in previous blog posts, Rapport offers a long list of manufacturing services—from manufacturing custom cable assemblies to building battery packs to customer specifications. But did you know that we also offer customization of your wire and cable before we incorporate it into your custom assembly? Following are a few of the custom wire and cable services available at Rapport, inc.


Striping – We offer custom striping on PVC, teflon, nylon, and irradiated material. 1, 2, or 3 stripes can be applied to wire or cable ranging in size from 8 AWG – 30 AWG.

Twisting – Twists are available on wire ranging from 10 AWG – 30 AWG.

Dyeing – Wire and cable can be dyed to meet the color coding requirements outlined in your print.

Striped / Cut / Stripped

Cutting and Stripping – We will cut and/or strip the outer jacket from your wire or cable. Stripping can be done as small as 1/4″ length to 15″ length on a maximum 1″ diameter cable/wire.





Labeled / Bundled

Labeling – Your wire or cable assembly can be further customized by using heat shrink tubing with your name, phone number, part number, job number or an alphanumeric sequence. Or, if you prefer, a sticky label with laser printing can be affixed to mark your wire or cable.

Bundling – Tie wraps and zip ties can also be affixed to assemblies as requested.


For some of the services outlined above we require a minimum order to be placed. Please contact customer service to discuss your needs.

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