What Are the Components of a Battery Pack?

We rely on batteries for a wide range of power needs for commercial, consumer, and even industrial needs. Whether it’s single-use or rechargeable batteries, you can be assured that wholesale batteries manufacturers can design and produce the ideal battery pack. Here’s what you need to know.

Common Uses of Battery Packs

A battery pack is the ideal power solution when specific conditions need to be met. These can include voltage requirements, capacity requirements or power density standards. Custom design can include a single pack or multiple packs. They may be used in small devices like handheld remote control toys and small electronics as well as commercial or industrial electronics. Because battery packs are a versatile power source, they can be arranged to fit unusual spaces and still provide a constant supply of energy.

What You’ll Find In a Battery Pack

The configuration of a battery pack can vary but it will typically include at a minimum three parts: the batteries, an overwrap, and a cable wire harness. The nature of the battery can depend on its intended use. For example, your project might require an alkaline battery or one that’s lithium- or nickel-based. The overwrap is generally made of plastic and fits the batteries snugly. This keeps them in the proper and ideal position to be seated in the device or electronic enclosure. And finally, the cable wire harness groups the wires and attaches them to a common connector at both ends for greater stability. A rechargeable battery pack will include an additional component: a sensor to identify when the charge is restored.

Do You Need a Custom Battery Pack?

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