Do You Need Special Batteries for Solar Lights?

Solar lights offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners, businesses, and industries alike. From convenience to safety, the ability to generate light in places where it’s difficult to run electrical wires is highly valued. You may also feel good knowing you’re not using fossil fuels to generate the energy needed to operate them. But you may be wondering about the batteries needed for solar lights. Learn more about whether rechargeable batteries are the right choice for your solar lights.

How Solar Lights Work

Solar lights are equipped with special photosensitive batteries that store energy from sunlight. Once the sun goes down and the low light activates the battery to turn on, it slowly makes that saved energy available to the electrical components inside the light fixture. Because there is a wide range of solar light manufacturers, you can find models that accept rechargeable batteries as well as single-use batteries or custom battery packs that may be necessary for unique placement.

What Kind of Batteries Do You Need?

Perhaps the most important thing to know is that solar light batteries aren’t typically interchangeable. If you’ve purchased solar lights and they already come with batteries, you’ll need the same type of battery to replace them. There are more options open to you if you’re designing and manufacturing solar lighting solutions. Nickel-based rechargeable batteries like NiCD or NiMH typically offer the kind of controlled energy release and rapid recharging that make solar lights appealing. Working with skilled electronics professionals can help you determine the exact kind of battery to incorporate into your battery pack that will give you the best balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.

Are You Ready to Design Battery Packs for Your Solar Lights?

No matter what kind of battery packs you need for your solar lights, RRapport, Inc. can provide them. As a leading manufacturer of wholesale batteries, our team works with customers from idea to finished product. At Rapport, Inc., we have not only the advanced tools and globally sourced components for highly specialized needs, but also just-in-time manufacturing to reduce costs while improving efficiency. Trust us to use your design to meet your assembly and testing needs in the Denver area. Contact Rapport, Inc. today for all of your custom solar battery needs.