Veterinary Clinics Keep Battery Costs Down

Battery-operated devices are invaluable in our daily lives—especially as we become more and more mobile.  If you have a veterinary clinic and offer mobile services or make house calls, you know that any electrical equipment you use has to be battery-powered.

One such device that might frequently be used  is a hand-carried ultrasound machine.  The machine must be durable to allow transportation from one location to another and it must be ready to go, when you’re with a patient.  Due to the power requirements of this device, and the usage, these batteries may only last 6 months.  Unfortunately, this isn’t a product that can use standard off-the-shelf batteries like an alkaline size D.   Some ultrasound machines require a custom battery pack that could cost up to $600 to replace.

Rapport can refurbish your custom battery pack for a fraction of the cost of replacing the battery pack every six months with a new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) battery pack.

Do you have any battery-powered devices that require specialized or custom battery packs?  Come visit us today to see if we can help you cut costs by being “green”. We can probably refurbish or rebuild your custom battery packs, saving you a lot of money.

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