Rapport Accommodates Customer Shipping Requests

I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated when I order products on-line or over the phone and I have to accept whatever method of shipment my supplier wants to use.

This is not a complaint of Rapport customers, because we will ship your product(s) to your specifications.

  • Do you want us to use your company’s FedEx (or other freight carrier) account number?  No problem!
  • Would you like us to invoice you the actual freight costs on the same invoice as your product invoice?  No problem!
  • Are you interested in working with a large freight company (e.g., Old Dominion, Conway) to negotiate and invoice you directly for all of your inbound and outbound freight, including the shipments from Rapport?  No problem!
  • Would you like to save shipping costs entirely and pick up your products from our dock?  No problem!
  • Have you got a specific scenario you’d like to discuss with us regarding how product is shipped to you?  No problem!

Call us at (303) 202-9599 to discuss what we can do to ensure shipments from Rapport are No problem!

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